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Why Video?

At Premium Animations we know a video can help boost your conversion rate.

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‘Rise of the explainer video’

‘How to lift your conversion rate by 100%’

More fun facts about the power of video

  • According to Internet Retailer, 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in their online purchase decisions. When a video is information-intensive, 66% of consumers will watch the video two or more times. (Internet Retailer, 2012)
  • 4 in 10 shoppers visited a store online or in-person as a direct result of watching a video. (ReelSEO, August 2012)
  • Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not. (Internet Retailer, April 2010)

  • saw a 44% increase in online sales conversions by using videos to showcase their products. “With such positive results on our existing videos, the goal right now is to add video to as many of our products as possible,” says Frank Malsbenden, VP and GM of Vision Retailing Inc., the parent company of (Internet Retailer, January 2009)
  • Retail sites with video increase conversion by 30% and boost average ticket by 13%. (L2 Specialty Retail Report, September 2010)
  • Nearly 40% of consumers report that videos increase their likelihood of making a purchase on a mobile device. (Adobe Mobile Consumer Survey, 2012)
  • A recent study by a major analyst firm showed that video increased email click-through rates 2x-3x.(Bronto, 2010)
  • Forbes Insight found that 59% of senior executives prefer to watch video instead of reading text, if both are available on the same page. 80% of executives are watching more online video today than they were a year ago. (Forbes Insight, December 2010)
  • Online video production will account for more than one-third of all online advertising spending within the next five years. (Borrell Associates Annual Benchmarking Results, 2012)
  • 70% of B2B marketers are using video content, up from 52% in 2011. (MarketingProfs, 2012)

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