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Video Distribution Services

You may have created amazing videos for your promotional needs but if the videos are not promoted well, then the videos may not serve the purpose for which you have created them.
Our Video Distribution Service is a great way to reach your target audience and increase your business reach. Our process of submission is absolutely manual. We hate using automated tools for submission of your videos.

Special Features of Premium Animations Video Distribution & Submission Service

  • We do keyword research, identify what your customers are searching for, and properly tag your video to help it reach your desired target market and take care of optimization of your videos before submission to ensure the best results.

  • We submit manually your video on top 30 Video Networks includes Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Viddler and other top Video Giants.

  • We submit manually your video to social bookmarking website’s such as Digg, and many others which helps boost the video SEO.

  • We take care of everything from account creation, registration and confirmation processes. Included with our services is a Google Video Sitemap, Ping service, and more.

  • We will send you a report of where all the videos are distributed too. Plus we will deliver a report showing what keywords in the search engines your video is being ranked for.

These video distribution services are also very beneficial to companies that have video commercials that they need to be distributed online. If you don’t have a video, read more about our video packages (Kickstarter, Business and Competition). There are many reasons why your business should have a video distribution strategy.

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