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Be Mobile, Be Happy

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Hi Guys,

I hope everyone has had a productive week and your business and website are performing at their peek.

On the subject of getting your website to perform at it’s best, I thought this week I would write about the importance of having your site ‘mobile ready’.

For me, having a site that is mobile ready was really hammered home the other day.  I was walking past my local restaurant and the place was packed (as usual) but for some reason all I saw was a bunch of people standing in circles playing on their smartphone.

It’s pretty obvious that these days, everyone is connected and everyone is on their mobile.  On the stat front, smartphone penetration rates in Australia are at about 55% and we are only a few years away from having 90% smartphone adoption rate.

But for me, I think the tipping point was when my parents (late adopters by anyone’s standards) each got a smart phone. Mum – you know it’s true.

So what does ‘mobile ready’ mean exactly?

It’s pretty simple, it means having your website optimised so that when someone comes to your site from a smartphone they won’t have to pinch and squint in order to navigate your site. A perfect example is seen from the dominos website below.

The difference is staggering. You can see how easy the mobile website can be navigated when compared to the other site.

If these were competing websites, I know which one I would prefer to use and which one would make it easier for me to get in contact with the owner.

So more often than not, if someone comes to your site from a smartphone and  your site is not mobile ready, they will bounce pretty quickly to find a website that is. Don’t let this be your company.

At Premium Animations, we find that about 17% of our traffic comes from either a smartphone or tablet, so we want to make it easy for this 17% to get in contact with us. So we have been mobile and tablet ready for the last few months.

Some resources you can use to help make your site mobile ready for as little as $10 a month are below.

Thanks everyone and have a good week.






Does Your Contact Form Actually Work?

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I know this is a random question, and I can only guess that you’re thinking ‘Robbie you have lost it – of course my contact form it works!’.

But having a contact from that ‘works’ in the traditional sense and having a contact form  that actually motivates your visitors to give you their details are quite different and the effect it can have on your business is huge.

So how exactly can you structure your contact form in a way that motivates your visitors to enter their details?

Well step number one is make sure that all your capture fields (i.e. the information you want your visitor to submit) is above the fold.

I have previously wrote about the power of having important information ‘above the fold’ in a post called  ‘above the fold is gold’ and you can check it out here

Step number two is make sure that your contact form is on every page of your site.  This is really important and not enough websites do this.

As you know, most websites, simply have the one ‘contact us’ page and that is it, but to get the most from your site, a visitor should be able to get in contact with you straight away from every page on your site.   You never want to give your visitors an excuse to ‘bounce’ from your site, so this little tip can work wonders as your visitors don’t  have to search for a way to get in contact with you, as they can do it on each page.

Step number three involves giving some free upfront value to your visitor. An example of this is on the premium animations website (shameless plug here I know J).

A visitor to our website knows they will get a free info pack once they enter details.  This helps motivate the visitor to put in their details as they get something for nothing. The info pack offers some useful information as to how you can use videos to boost your conversion rate and also offers a few practical tips as well.

A good example of an effective contact us form is below, As you can see each capture is above the fold and they offer a free newsletter if you put in your details.

A one that could be improved is below. As you can see there is only one page that a visitor can contact you on. The page is also on the very right hand side and does not stand out as much as it could.

So if you have a ‘contact us’ form on your site, please make sure that it is on each page on your site, it is above the fold and there is a little bit of motivation for the visitor to give you their information in the form of giving your visitor some free value upfront.

Have an awesome day everyone.


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