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What type of companies can benefit from animations?

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 PA had a potential client call our company this week and we had to turn the project away as his company just wasn’t ready.

So straight off the bat – getting a video to put on your website isn’t for everyone.

If you are not driving traffic to your site or at least have a strategy for getting people to your site, an animation is just not for you.

In broad terms, to have a successful website, you need to first follow the formula of website success which is traffic x conversion = website glory.

Just focusing on getting traffic, or just focusing on conversion will lead you to get ok results, but you will never blow away your competition. You need to focus on both elements to really get to a high level.

So who exactly can a video help out?

Video can really make a difference when you are already driving traffic (or plan on driving traffic) to your site.

Once you are driving traffic, video then becomes a really powerful a tool and bit of a no brainer as video has shown time and time again that it can boost conversion rates, sometimes by number up to 197%.

So the impact can be huge and the ROI is awesome.

But if you are still in start-up mode or only getting 10 clicks a day, first figure out the best way to get traffic, then worry about what you will do with the traffic once you get it.

Why Should I Use Landing Pages?

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Hi Guys, today I am going to talk about how to use landing pages effectively and why they are so important, particularly if you are using Google adwords to drive traffic.

So what exactly is a landing page?

A landing page is a single page that you create that has the specific of goal of either capturing your visitors details or getting them to click through to the next page (which is the next stage in your sales funnel).

A really effective landing page has a very clear call to action above the fold and limits the number of actions a visitor can take.

Limiting the number of actions a visitor can take on your landing page is easy and you do it by presenting the visitor with only one or two actions. Limiting the number of options your visitor can take allows you to lead the visitor to where you want them to go.

Ok. With the definition out of the way, why are landing pages so important?

A few reasons.

The big one is that it can save you A LOT of money. Especially if you are using adwords to drive traffic.

If you are currently using adwords, I can bet that majority of you (or your adwords managers) are directing the visitor who has just clicked on your ad your homepage.

This is a big mistake and if you’re doing this, you’re wasting a ridiculous amount of money.

I will tell you why.

When a person lands on a ANY webpage, a question they always ask themselves is ‘do I belong here?” If the answer is no, they will bounce off your page faster than superman can put on pants.

So if you are directing all your traffic to your homepage, what you are doing is making that one page responsible for telling every user that lands on it that they are in the right spot. This is next to impossible as being everything to everyone is not a great strategy.

So what’s the solution?

It’s simple, you create a new landing page for every profitable keyword that you’re paying for in adwords.

Having a dedicated landing page helps your visitor realize they are in the right spot as their search term is prominently displayed on your landing page, which then reduces the chances they will bounce off that page.

But there is another great advantage.

The other great advantage is that your page (and ad) has now become really relevant for that search term and because of this your ad gets a better quality score which then makes it a lot cheaper, saving you lots and lots of money.

So I know what you are thinking.

“This is great. But I just don’t have the time to do all this. I have a business to run”

I understand. But you can get this set up in about 2 hours with a great site called

This site lets you create landing pages in about 30 minutes and it’s really simple to use, and the benefits are well worth it.

We use it for our business and we have not looked back.

What is A/B Testing and how can it help me?

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Hi Guys,

I thought for this weeks post I would talk about A/B testing.

A lot of people think A/B testing is a really complex and esoteric subject, but I hope to demystify it as much as I can.

So first things first. What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is where you develop different versions of a single page on your website and basically split your traffic so 50% of your visitors see one page and 50% see the another page.

You then measure which page which you’re visitors engage with more and which page gets you more customers.

You might be thinking how much of a difference altering one page really make…. but let me tell you it can MASSIVELY change your business, with increases of revenues (or conversion rates) of 200% not unheard of.

If you are interested in reading about some of the impacts A/B testing has had on some businesses, you can read some case studies here

But I digress.

So in my experience, I have found that the big issue with A/B testing is not in people understanding the broad strokes and concepts, but more in how to actually implement an A/B test and where to get started.

So how can you get started A/B testing?

You have a few options, including using Google Website Optimiser, however I have found that a great site that helps you implement A/B testing really easily is

The site is perfect if you are just starting out and it offers really easy to follow instructions and also a 30 day free trial.

Setting up the test is easy as pie and you don’t need any knowledge of how to be a great coder or really even HTML.

I have no affiliation with the company, except from being a happy customer.

If you are interested in pushing your conversion rate higher, I suggest starting with this program and just changing your homepage as a great starting point.

Just remember when you are making the different version of your homepage to have some of your benefits above the fold and a clear call to action for your customers as well.

Cheers everyone.


How can I identify keywords that are relevant to my business?

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Hi Guys,

I thought I would do just a quick post on identifying keywords that are relevant for your business.

Identifying which keywords your customers would use when searching for your service or product offering is crucial because so many people conduct research on google in order to educate themselves before ever making a purchase.

Fighting this fact is beyond futile and you always need to be where your customers are, and at the moment they most of them are searching on google.

Anyway, I digress. So I have previously written about and that fact that it is a great tool to spy on your competition. It’s great as it not only allows you to see your competitors ad copy and the amount of traffic they are driving to their site, but it also allows you to see which keywords your competitors are using to drive traffic.

This is great as it used to be a long and painful exercise to determine the most effective keywords, but with this tool, it’s now really quick and easy to find out which keywords you should target.

To use this tool, simply go to and put in your competitors name. Chances are that if your competitors are using a specific keyword and you’re not (and you think the keyword could be valuable) you should it do your adwords stable.

To measure just how effective the keyword is in driving traffic, just log into google analytics, select the ‘sources’ tab and the data will be there. If you really want to get tricky – you can add a conversion code to your site and see how effective that keyword is in driving conversions for your business. I have spoken about setting up conversions here. And if you haven’t done it, I cannot recommend it enough.

If you do all this ( it would only take a 30 minutes to set up)and find that the keyword is working for you and driving traffic, you can allocate more of your adwords budget to that word to increase your number of customers even further.

Thanks guys and I hope everyone is having a great start to 2013 and you are all ready for a big year.

The PA Team.

Does Your Contact Form Actually Work?

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I know this is a random question, and I can only guess that you’re thinking ‘Robbie you have lost it – of course my contact form it works!’.

But having a contact from that ‘works’ in the traditional sense and having a contact form  that actually motivates your visitors to give you their details are quite different and the effect it can have on your business is huge.

So how exactly can you structure your contact form in a way that motivates your visitors to enter their details?

Well step number one is make sure that all your capture fields (i.e. the information you want your visitor to submit) is above the fold.

I have previously wrote about the power of having important information ‘above the fold’ in a post called  ‘above the fold is gold’ and you can check it out here

Step number two is make sure that your contact form is on every page of your site.  This is really important and not enough websites do this.

As you know, most websites, simply have the one ‘contact us’ page and that is it, but to get the most from your site, a visitor should be able to get in contact with you straight away from every page on your site.   You never want to give your visitors an excuse to ‘bounce’ from your site, so this little tip can work wonders as your visitors don’t  have to search for a way to get in contact with you, as they can do it on each page.

Step number three involves giving some free upfront value to your visitor. An example of this is on the premium animations website (shameless plug here I know J).

A visitor to our website knows they will get a free info pack once they enter details.  This helps motivate the visitor to put in their details as they get something for nothing. The info pack offers some useful information as to how you can use videos to boost your conversion rate and also offers a few practical tips as well.

A good example of an effective contact us form is below, As you can see each capture is above the fold and they offer a free newsletter if you put in your details.

A one that could be improved is below. As you can see there is only one page that a visitor can contact you on. The page is also on the very right hand side and does not stand out as much as it could.

So if you have a ‘contact us’ form on your site, please make sure that it is on each page on your site, it is above the fold and there is a little bit of motivation for the visitor to give you their information in the form of giving your visitor some free value upfront.

Have an awesome day everyone.


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