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Are LinkedIn Ads A Gold Mine?

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Hi Guys,

I thought today I would write a post about Linkedin Ads and how you can use them to really get your business some awesome, qualified leads.

At the outset, I just want to be clear that Linkedin Ads are not for everyone.

If your business is B2C, then this post isn’t for you (I will do better next week ☺), but if you are in the B2B space – listen up.

I think Linkedin Advertising is the most underutilized, yet most profitable B2B advertising platform there is.


I thought about this for awhile and the only answer I could come up with is that I think that the majority of people just don’t know how to effectively use it… yet.

I think this ignorance will change over the next 3 years, but at the moment, it’s really great as it’s not insanely competitive (unlike adwords, SEO or facebook)

For Premium Animations we find that our ROI from Linkedin is about 10x that from google adwords or SEO and it boggles my mind that more B2B companies are not yet on the band wagon.

Anyway , I digress.

So onto some practical tips.

How can you use Linkedin Ads to start getting some awesome qualified leads for your business?

The key to being really successful with Linkedin Ads is leveraging these Linkedin Groups.

What do I mean by this?

It’s simple. When setting up your ad campaign, one of the options you have is the choice of selecting the different types of groups that can see your ad.

For example, lets say you want to advertise to real estate agents. When setting up your ad, you simply search for a group that is run by and has members that are real estate agents (there about one million of them) and add them as a target market.

It’s really easy and straight forward, yet many people overlook the power of leveraging these groups when setting up their campaign.

Another great way to get more from your ad is by having a picture of a person in the ad. Preferably a female that is smiling (as I have found this to get the highest click through rate (CTR).

If you simply add a picture of a graph or your company’s logo, you’re throwing money down the drain as it just doesn’t grab your attention.

At PA, we have gone as far as testing Blondes to Brunettes (with each ad having the exact same ad copy). Blondes have about a 10% higher CTR. ☺.

So guys if you have a B2B company, test out linkedin ads by adding specific groups that reflect your target market and then add a nice picture in the ad of a woman smiling and you will do really well.

Be Mobile, Be Happy

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Hi Guys,

I hope everyone has had a productive week and your business and website are performing at their peek.

On the subject of getting your website to perform at it’s best, I thought this week I would write about the importance of having your site ‘mobile ready’.

For me, having a site that is mobile ready was really hammered home the other day.  I was walking past my local restaurant and the place was packed (as usual) but for some reason all I saw was a bunch of people standing in circles playing on their smartphone.

It’s pretty obvious that these days, everyone is connected and everyone is on their mobile.  On the stat front, smartphone penetration rates in Australia are at about 55% and we are only a few years away from having 90% smartphone adoption rate.

But for me, I think the tipping point was when my parents (late adopters by anyone’s standards) each got a smart phone. Mum – you know it’s true.

So what does ‘mobile ready’ mean exactly?

It’s pretty simple, it means having your website optimised so that when someone comes to your site from a smartphone they won’t have to pinch and squint in order to navigate your site. A perfect example is seen from the dominos website below.

The difference is staggering. You can see how easy the mobile website can be navigated when compared to the other site.

If these were competing websites, I know which one I would prefer to use and which one would make it easier for me to get in contact with the owner.

So more often than not, if someone comes to your site from a smartphone and  your site is not mobile ready, they will bounce pretty quickly to find a website that is. Don’t let this be your company.

At Premium Animations, we find that about 17% of our traffic comes from either a smartphone or tablet, so we want to make it easy for this 17% to get in contact with us. So we have been mobile and tablet ready for the last few months.

Some resources you can use to help make your site mobile ready for as little as $10 a month are below.

Thanks everyone and have a good week.






How To Spy On Your Competition

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Hey Guys,

I hope everyone is having a productive week and your website is performing at the highest level it can.

I thought today I would talk about a tool that helps you ‘spy’ on your competitors. Very James Bond of me I know.

So the website is called It is a fantastic tool as it gives you an analysis of what keywords your competitors are using to drive traffic to their site.

It is also ridiculously easy to use. You simply put in your competitors website name and click the ‘search keywords’ button and you are good to go. Signing up to the site is also really easy and it’s free as well.

This is great news if you are a new business owner, because this tool can help you keep costs low and get insights into your industry that would have most likely taken your competition months or even years to develop.

Another cool feature of this site includes being able to see what percentage of your competitors traffic is coming through adwords or SEO.

But for me, the last really useful insight ahrefs brings to the table is providing the ad copy your competitors are using for each keyword they are targeting.

This is great as it is likely your competitors have already optimised their ad copy and are using ad copy that converts really well. So this little trick can save you lots of time as you can use it as a base on which to create your own ad copy that kicks your competitors butt.

So if you are just starting out in business, or you want a bit more from your adwords campaign, use this tool and get some great insights and get the edge over your competition.

Thanks guys

Robbie (Mr Bond) Rankin.

Quote Of The Day: “Winning isn’t everything, but wanting
to win is.”
– Vince Lombardi


How do you get bloggers to discuss your products?

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Hey Guys,

I thought I would take a bit of a different angle today and talk about how you can get bloggers to discuss your products.

What is the point of this I hear you ask?

A good question.

The simple answer is that as most bloggers have a loyal following of fans and a large amount of trusted traffic can be driven to your site from theirs. – if you can get the bogger to talk about what you do.

So how exactly can you do this?

Well it all involves giving upfront value and forming a relationship with them before you ever approach them and ask them for a testimonial or to discuss your product on their site.

You see popular bloggers are inundated with requests to do things all the time. Most of the requests are more like demands and revolve around the person asking for favours or whether they can help them out.

This never works (particularly if you don’t have a prior relationship with them).

To help stand out from the crowd, offer the blogger something of value first and you will go a long way.

With Premium Animations we were lucky enough to form some great relationships with some popular bloggers and we helped get in the door to meet them by offering do a free video for their site.

So I can hear you say… ‘But I don’t have a video I can offer!’. Well that might be true but I am sure your business has some sort of value proposition you can offer so I would lead with that.

After you have delivered on some killer value and developed a bit of rapport with them, then ask them to provide a testimonial or talk about the experience they had with your company.

Your pitch after you have delivered value should be no pressure and if they happen to write something great, and if not that is ok as well.

But if you really delivered and went above and beyond of their expectations you will be well on your way to getting them to discuss your product and forming a solid relationship as well.

A perfect example of the impact that having a simple guest blog post on a bloggers site can been seen in this article here.

A quick summary of the article is that this author was really struggling to sell his latest book and it wasn’t until he was able to do a guest post on a famous bloggers site did his book sales take off. Anyway it is a great read and walks through his process and his experience.

So if you’re currently driving traffic to your site just do a quick google search for some bloggers that are in your industry and send them a quick note offering them some upfront value and you are well on your way to building a solid relationship.



The Importance of Great Copywriting

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Hey Guys,

I thought this week I would talk a little bit about effective copywriting.

So first some basics.

What exactly is copywriting? Well basically it’s just the words that you have on your site that help you ‘sell’ your product. Everyone has some level of copywriting on their site, whether they know it or not.

When copywriting is done well, it’s an absolute pleasure to read and I get a real kick out of it. When it’s done poorly it’s worse than walking in on your parents. Anyway I digress.
So how exactly can you improve your website’s copy? Well the first tip is to always remember – it’s not about you.

Your website does not exist so you can brag about your accomplishments, or mention how great you are or even that you won an industry specific award… your website exists for your customers. Plain and simple.

Your customers don’t really care too much about what you do or even how you do it, all they really care about at the end of the day is how your business will benefit them and solve their problem. So my first tip is make sure that the benefits of your business are front and centre on your website.

My second tip is to please remember to keep the benefits and features of your business distinct.

What do I mean by this? Well a feature of your business is not the same as benefit of your business and vice a versa.

I will give you the most simple example I can. If I was trying to sell you a pen, I wouldn’t talk about the features of the pen. I would not say that it has black ink, is about 10 centimeters long and weighs 200 grams. Talking about features is never sexy and doesn’t really make me want to buy anything.

 Instead I would talk about the benefits of using the pen. For example, I would talk about how great the pen feels in the palm of your hand. I would mention that the pen allows you to write upside down so that when you’re lying in bed you can write down all your great ideas. I would mention how effortlessly the pen glides across the page so it’s easier to continuously write and avoid writers block.

Writing about the benefits is much more seductive and engaging, but it’s just that little bit harder to do. So I think this is why you will find a lot of websites talk about themselves and the fact they have “ been in business 25 years”, as opposed to the benefits, e.g “this is how we can help you”.

If you are interested in learning more about great copywriting, type in John Cartlon into google and visit his site. He is the god father of copywriting and I am sure you can learn a lot just from reading his stuff.

Below is a great little example of some funny and engaging copywriting I like as well. Notice they talk about the benefit of buying the flowers (make her friends jealous) and not the fact that there are 12 flowers in each vase (a feature).

Have an awesome rest of the week everyone.


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