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How can I identify keywords that are relevant to my business?

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Hi Guys,

I thought I would do just a quick post on identifying keywords that are relevant for your business.

Identifying which keywords your customers would use when searching for your service or product offering is crucial because so many people conduct research on google in order to educate themselves before ever making a purchase.

Fighting this fact is beyond futile and you always need to be where your customers are, and at the moment they most of them are searching on google.

Anyway, I digress. So I have previously written about and that fact that it is a great tool to spy on your competition. It’s great as it not only allows you to see your competitors ad copy and the amount of traffic they are driving to their site, but it also allows you to see which keywords your competitors are using to drive traffic.

This is great as it used to be a long and painful exercise to determine the most effective keywords, but with this tool, it’s now really quick and easy to find out which keywords you should target.

To use this tool, simply go to and put in your competitors name. Chances are that if your competitors are using a specific keyword and you’re not (and you think the keyword could be valuable) you should it do your adwords stable.

To measure just how effective the keyword is in driving traffic, just log into google analytics, select the ‘sources’ tab and the data will be there. If you really want to get tricky – you can add a conversion code to your site and see how effective that keyword is in driving conversions for your business. I have spoken about setting up conversions here. And if you haven’t done it, I cannot recommend it enough.

If you do all this ( it would only take a 30 minutes to set up)and find that the keyword is working for you and driving traffic, you can allocate more of your adwords budget to that word to increase your number of customers even further.

Thanks guys and I hope everyone is having a great start to 2013 and you are all ready for a big year.

The PA Team.

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