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PART 2 – Increasing Conversions: How to optimise each step in your funnel

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In the last blog post, I wrote about HOW to IDENTIFY the critical leaks in your GROWTH HACKING funnel and what you should be focussing on to ensure that you are spending time on things that will have the biggest impact on your conversion rate.

I’m hoping that from the last post you are now saying to yourself something like:

“Wow, only 10% of people who are landing on my contact page are filling in my form”


“Damn, while 30% of people are filling in my form, only 0.5% are signing up to my paid service!”

Now that we have this knowledge, the next question that most people ask is what can I do to fix this?

Good Question.

Today, I wanted to cover this and also provide you with a roadmap of how to increase your conversions. This FRAMEWORK will work REGARDLESS of what step in your funnel is causing you grief.

The best information on this (in my humble opinion), has been done by B.J. Fogg. He research is in behavioural sciences that you can learn more about here.

In essence, all we are ever trying to do is to OPTIMISE each step in the funnel and get as many users as possible from ONE STATE to THE OTHER. For example, we are trying to get as many people as possible who land on our CONTACT FORM to FILL IT IN. If we do this for each step, our overall conversion rate will increase.

So, what can we do to move a user from ONE STATE to ANOTHER?

Well, generally we can do this in one of two ways:

  1. Make it EASIER for them to do it.
  2. INCREASE their MOTIVATION to do it.

Pretty simple eh?

So the two questions you should always be asking are:

“ How can I make this EASIER for my users?”


“ How can I INCREASE their motivation for doing it?”

Here is an example.

Let’s say people are landing on your contact page but not filling in the form. Below are some ideas I have just come up with and they are categorised in these two buckets….


  • Cut out all irrelevant fields (do you really need their address)
  •  Make the button bigger or put it above the fold
  • If it’s a long form, step them through it in stages
  • Show them what % they are up to
  • Indicate if a field is missing/incorrect
  • Allow them to create a password without Capitals, numbers and symbols!


  • Indicate why you need this info
  • Add a testimonial and highlight benefits of the product
  • Provide trust symbols
  • Tell them it will only take 5 seconds
  • Reassure them they wont be spammed

Now its your turn!

Think about where your BIGGEST LEAK is in your funnel and ask those two KEY QUESTIONS!

Once you have some ideas its time to test! (Hint: I’ll show you how to do this in the next post!)

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