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How to reduce your website’s bounce rate

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Before we start, It’s important to really understand what exactly a ‘bounce rate’ is.

Bouncy Balls!

In essence, your bounce rate is the percentage of new visitors who simply ‘bounce’ off your site without doing anything.

Google Analytics defines it as:

“The percentage of single page visits (ie. visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page)”

But why do I care?

Well, having a low bounce rate is really IMPORTANT! Its the first step in making sure your website is converting clicks into customers.

Imagine you own a physical shop with products inside. Having a high bounce rate is like having the majority of people who enter the store just take two steps, turn around and then immediately leave, without even looking at ANY PRODUCTS on your shelves!

Before we can start to improve our bounce rates though, we need to first understand what drives bounce rates.

A bounce rate is actually a measure of your TRAFFIC QUALITY and a high bounce rate is typically due to the fact that your landing pages (where customers land on their site) is not relevant to your visitors!

Think of it like reading a resume….if something doesn’t immediately stand out, poof! Game over.

So, how can we ensure are bounce rates are low and that our visitors are hanging around?

Well, here are just a few tips and tricks that you can easily implement today!

Traffic Quality

As I previously mentioned, traffic quality is the derivative of your bounce rate. This means that if we improve the ‘quality’ of trafic coming to your site, your bounce rate should also improve.

By ‘quality’ here we mean, are the majority of people who click through to your site potential customers (correct demographic, location etc.) or just random punters or kids who are surfing the net?

The simplest way to improving your traffic quality is looking at the keywords you are targeting for both you paid and organic search.

For example if I own a pineapple store (I love pineapples!), I’m much better off targeting keywords like ‘buy pineapple online’ or ‘pineapple store sydney’ rather than just ‘food store’ or ‘edible goods’!

So, write down a list of your current keyword targets and see if you are REALLY getting the type of people you want to your site!

Landing page design

Having good landing page designs is CRUCIAL to improving you bounce rates. There is a tonne of info out there on how to create great landing pages, but here are just a few things all good landing pages should have:

  • Strong large headline
  • Strong call to action above the fold
  • Benefit driven copywriting
  • Uncluttered, clear and concise
  • Content heavy writing at bottom not top
Immediately Obvious Message
While I’ve mentioned this above, this is REALLY IMPORTANT.

Users need to understand exactly what your value proposition is within the first second of landing on your site.

Guess what, if people don’t immediately ‘GET’ what you are all about….poof! Gone.

Think about it.

Your COMPETITION is just a click or two away. Why would people waste their time searching through your site to find something if they could just hit that dreaded back button of doom and find another site which spells it out CLEARLY!

Responsive website design

Did you know that about 10-20% of your visitors are viewing your site from a mobile or tablet device?

Example of Responsive Site Design

Yep, I can almost guarantee it. Check out your Google Analytics to see.

Most websites are only optimised for different browsers on laptops or PCs. This means that your website is looking pretty horrible if you view it on your mobile or tablet device.

A responsive website is one that adapts to the screen size the user is viewing it on. This means that it looks fantastic and is easy to navigate regadless of whether or not they are on a phone, ipad or laptop.

Call your developer now. It’s worth the small investment.

Website Animation/Video

Here’s the thing. If a customer clicks to your website and then your competitors who has a video which clearly explains the benefit of the product….which one will they choose?

An autoplay video on your homepage is great to improve your bounce rate because it GRABS YOUR USERS by the neck and ENGAGES them to listen.

Visitors love it because it is EASY. They can digest all the information they want without having read!

Don’t take our word for it though,,, and all the big players utilise video on their pages. Also see our customer testimonials to see how we have helped our clients out!

So whats an acceptable bounce rate?

Well, that all depends on what industry you are in. This little graphic should give you a good idea though!

Acceptable Bounce Rates- kiss Metrics


I hope this has helped you! Get cracking reeling in your bounce rate today!

Whats your bounce rate at?


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