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Growth Hacking: Optimising for Growth

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Hi guys, it’s Adam here.

Today I wanted to share with you a presentation and class that I taught last night for General Assembly Sydney. General Assembly is a global network of campuses for technology, business and design and the Sydney arm is growing rapidly.


The majority of students who attended were small business and startup owners who wanted to learn more about ‘Growth Hacking’ and how they could optimise for growth in their business.

So, why was I asked to teach and what exactly is ‘Growth Hacking’?

Well, over the last few years I’ve had a fair amount of exposure to A/B testing, sales funnels and different user acquisition tools and techniques.

The word ‘Growth hacking’ was actually first coined by Shaun Ellis in a blog post in 2010 but later made popular by Andrew Chen this year in his article ‘Growth Hackers are the new VP of Marketing’. Alan Jones from The New Agency here in Sydney also describes what growth hacking is all about here and was kind enough to give me a mention.

I’ve attached the presentation below from the class, which should help you learn how to:

  • Create your own growth hacking funnel.
  • Run A/B Testing on your site
  • Create viral feedback loops
  • Help identify your best marketing channels
  •  Increase conversions

Please also note, this presentation has been from a combination of resources and examples were thanks to Matten Griffels deck here. Enjoy!

Growth Hacking Presentation– Adam Trouncer for GA Sydney

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