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The benefits of Animated Explainer Videos

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What is an animated explainer video?
Explainer videos are short videos used to introduce a new idea and business concepts and provide answers to some of the most common questions about them. It can feature a highly diverse mix of creative elements, including typography, images, illustrations, voices or animations. These videos often introduce a product before it’s even ready to be released, being used as a way of generating interest and a customer base before it hits the market. They are intended to be concise and clear introductions to an idea, providing vital information for those it targets.

What are the benefits of animated explainer videos?
These video formats have a decided advantage over the textual explanations that have been so common up to this point. These videos function on the concept that a picture can convey far more information than words in a similar time frame. Research shows that the average internet viewers attention has to be captured in the first 8 seconds, or you’ve likely lost them. Explainer videos are designed to capture their interest and provide vital information in the shortest time frame possible.
Further, explainer videos are often used to transmit information about your video in other media, and can transmit that information in three vital ways. Videos are often more enticing to the viewer, and so will get the attention of your potential customer much faster than a wall of text. Second, there is very little opportunity for those showing your video to provide their own interpretation, making sure that the message you want to transmit is the one that gets portrayed. Third, by making it easy for reporters to talk about your company, it will increase the likelihood that they will use your video and get your information out there.

Why are animated explainer videos so important?
There are a lot of benefits to explainer videos that have been held up by the tracking data used to explain the efficacy of varying techniques. The most prominent and clear indicator is that they increase conversion rates by anywhere from 14 to 51%. Companies that have used this form of information exchange have seen increases on average of 19%, and they are particularly good at capturing the attention of smartphone users, who have been shown to research a product before doing so. Given that text is often hard to read on the smaller screens of todays devices, video bypasses this by providing them with a visually attractive presentation that grabs their ears and their eyes.
It doesn’t matter what form of business you run, companies such as Virgin America have utilized explainer videos to present such things as safety precautions used on their flights. Red Cross has used this to leverage their donation campaigns, emphasizing the importance of providing funding to the Red Cross over such things as Christmas gifts that are only a fleeting improvement.

Explainer videos take place of all the most recent innovations in marketing technology to grab hold of the interest of users and get your companies information out there. The days of text based provided information are on their way out, users want a way to see what and who it is they are purchasing from, rather than relying on the cold wall of text to drive their purchases. When you want to get noticed, and you want to stay on the bleeding edge of marketing, you want to take the time to create an effective explainer video and let the world see and hear what you have to offer!

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