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3 Ways Your Small Business can Benefit from an Animated Explainer Video


An animated explainer video is getting popular and more common to find on the Internet. Considering the fact that it does not require a lot of money to make and the impressions it leaves to viewers, many (online) entrepreneurs think that it is a great way to promote their products or services.

There are several ways in which company owners can gain a lot of benefits from an animated explainer video. They are as follows:

1. By presenting entertaining or memorable characters and events in the explainer videos, viewers can relate their own experiences with the content of the video. In that way, future customers can truly visualize how helpful the products or services are. Besides, such familiar characters and events may help you create long lasting advertisements which people may find difficult to get out of their heads.

Furthermore, the steps to create eloquent content merely consist of the following main points: a problem people normally need to cope with, introduction of the useful product or service, how the product or service help them solve the problem, and options on what to do in order to get the “help”.

2. By briefly promoting and explaining your business through moving pictures, an explainer video has made it possible to market a product or service without your sounding like a sales executive and without putting your future customers in a situation where they have to listen to you or read a pretty long text advertising your venture. In short, explaining and selling products or services through this kind of videos makes people feel amused and probably touched instead of feeling bored and being told what to do.

3. No matter what the purpose of making this kind of videos is, you can always rely on its popularity, especially when it is put on a social media or popular blogs. Whether you want to tell people to attend the launching party of your product or to increase the traffic to your website, an animated explainer video may just be the exact thing you need to catch people’s attention.

After all, the magic of this successful marketing strategy lies in its touching content and simplicity.

3 Great Animated Explainer Video Examples and Why


Among lots and lots explainer videos on the Internet, there are these three videos which can be used as the examples of great animated videos.

How can the following videos be considered great? The answer is due to the fact that:

– the content of the videos relates to people’s general experiences

– they illustrate problems and give solutions

– they offer simple steps that need to be taken by people interested in their products/services.

First, there is this explainer video from

This video presents a character who works in a company and seems to be struggling with his job duties as a marketing manager. It can be understood that as the one in charge of marketing, there are lots of things he needs to do, such as maintaining the traffic of the company website, making sure that questions asked by customers visiting the website are answered, and also promoting the company through social media. While thinking about the solution for his problems, he finds out that there is, a website that can assist him maximize the website search to respond to his customers’ inquiries, create an effective SEO strategy that enables future customers to find the company website more easily, and answer questions via e-mails, Twitter and Facebook. At the end of the video, viewers are encouraged to sign up to get that magic help in case they experience such similar problems.

The second great video is the one promoting dropbox, a program which enables people to back up, access and share their data anywhere.

This video uses a simple, daily life story as an analogy to effectively describe the problem and explain how dropbox works as well as the benefits people can get by simply downloading and using the program.

In the third place is the video by ZenCash.

ZenCash Explainer Video from Demo Duck on Vimeo.

Although there are only lines of sentences and phrases, and simple drawing in the video, it efficiently depicts a problem that companies, especially the small ones, generally experience when dealing with customers’ late payment. And that is why ZenCash has come to the rescue by providing services to remind your companies’ customers about their invoices. Should a viewer be interested in that kind of services, s/he needs only to join ZenCash.

3 Best Explainer Video Software


When there is a will, there is a way. When you have such a strong will to produce an explainer video for your business, then there are myriad explainer video softwares available on the Internet, ready to give you a way to help you make your dream explainer video. However, among those numerous options, there are indeed three different softwares which can be considered the best.

Here they are.

1. Pow Toon

This software will be suitable for beginners with basic computer skills. That is due to the fact that it is simple to use (in fact, this software is very similar to PowerPoint) and it offers series of tutorial videos.

The budget for using this software can also be adjusted. It is your call whether to become a regular member or a premium one. Being a premium means more features, music and images as well as higher quality videos, for which you only need to spend around $20.

2. GoAnimate

This software combines simple screenshot and sophisticated editing options, which allows you to use pictures from various sources and edit them in any way possible. If you do not feel like looking for pictures or creating ones, there are actually a lot of characters and properties to choose from. In short, GoAnimate makes this video creation process easier and enables you to create a video that goes with your creative flair.

On the other hand, it may require you to be patient to listen to a tutorial recording and spend quite a lot of time to master the software.

3. Adobe After Effects

If you are a computer savvy and have passion and enough time to learn something new, this software might be the best for you. Despite its complexity, this software offers a huge number of features, options and effects. A novice with no video making experience probably needs a number of tutorials before finding out the way to make the best of this software.

However, once you master the software, you can make a sophisticated explainer video, which is, in fact, worth the learning process.

So, which one are you going to pick?

Six Ways to Spy on Your Competitors


Hi all,

I hope each of you has had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to rip into 2014 with vigor and enthusiasm. I know we are!

So today, I wanted to talk a little about “spying.” The word itself has negative connotations but really it’s a tool every business should be using to further improve all of our understanding, our ventures and our bottom line.

OK, so the first question is: “Why would I want to spy on a competitor’s web site, anyway?” Glad you asked.

To put it simply, to improve your market share. Your competition most likely won’t tell you how they are pulling in customers using well-conceived and well measured internet marketing, email marketing, and conventional marketing strategies.

There are dozens of reasons and rewards for effective, intelligent market research. You could spend lots of money, and lots of time trying to gather relevant information about the websites your competitors are using to generate their revenue, but luckily there are a few free or low-cost options online for helping you sort through their methods.

First you’ll want to identify truly successful competitors. You’ll want to scout out businesses similar to yours that appear to be successful, then determine whether they really are. Look on Reference USA or to find out how many employees and how much gross revenue is coming in. Business consultants will tell you that a healthy ‘yardstick’ ratio is roughly $100,000 gross revenue per employee. Much more revenue per employee is much better.

How to Learn From the Web Sites of Your Competitors

When you have clarified what you want, and identified successful competitors doing something at least sort of like what you want to do, it’s time to do research on (spy on) what is working for them.

How do you know what other web sites are doing to reach qualified prospects?

Here are some helpful sites, and a short description of some of the things you can learn from them about the web sites against which you are competing for the attention of your prospects:

  • Ranks traffic as compared to other sites, source of traffic, and why they visited the web site. Free introductory membership, then cost of $9.99 to $149.99 per month.

Owned by Alexa started in 1996 and tracks over 30 million web sites.

  • Launched in 2006 and based in San Francisco, Quantcast is an advertising company that claims to offer the most in depth measure of demographic, lifestyle, and geographic information to Internet audiences in the world, tracking over 100 million sites. Real-time advertising campaigns are supplied to a variety of clients, publishers, and advertising agencies.
  • Started in Seattle by a mother and son team in 2004, this site tracks SEO strategies and the effectiveness of the efforts to deliver excellent ‘domain authority’ results, meaning the entire site, and not just the main page gets good search results. This is extremely important for good ‘organic’ site rankings. The first 30 days are available as a free trial; then monthly membership costs range from $99 to $599.
  • Google Alerts: You can track any website, article, blog, video and more with this free service, and may view search results as you type them into the site, and can also determine how often Google Alerts will report to your Email account when new information related to your query appears. You can even set up alerts to be notified when someone is talking about you online. Get notifications of coupon codes, job postings, current events, and more. Cost: free
  • Monitors over 80 social media sites, and provides such insights as:
    • strength: the likelihood that the brand or person etc. is being discussed online
    • sentiment: the percentage of social media ‘mentions’ that are positive vs. negative or neutral
    • passion: measure of how likely people who ‘mention’ your brand, person etc. will do so multiple times or make repeated mention
    • reach: measures the number of different and distinct people mentioning your brand, etc. as a percentage of total mentions
    • Seven monthly plans range from free to $2,500. This tool can track the entire ‘Twitterverse’ to reveal how far tweets may reach, how many of your clients or brands are active, and what is being said.

By now, you know that the amount of information available to help shape your business marketing strategies is significant. There is much, much more. You are encouraged to consider your goals first, and then choose the information resources that are likely to be most relevant to reaching and surpassing the business objectives that will meet and exceed your business – and life goals.

Feel free to share some of your methods below.

Thanks all and here’s to a peaceful and prosperous 2014!

April and the PA Team

Be Mobile, Be Happy

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Hi Guys,

I hope everyone has had a productive week and your business and website are performing at their peek.

On the subject of getting your website to perform at it’s best, I thought this week I would write about the importance of having your site ‘mobile ready’.

For me, having a site that is mobile ready was really hammered home the other day.  I was walking past my local restaurant and the place was packed (as usual) but for some reason all I saw was a bunch of people standing in circles playing on their smartphone.

It’s pretty obvious that these days, everyone is connected and everyone is on their mobile.  On the stat front, smartphone penetration rates in Australia are at about 55% and we are only a few years away from having 90% smartphone adoption rate.

But for me, I think the tipping point was when my parents (late adopters by anyone’s standards) each got a smart phone. Mum – you know it’s true.

So what does ‘mobile ready’ mean exactly?

It’s pretty simple, it means having your website optimised so that when someone comes to your site from a smartphone they won’t have to pinch and squint in order to navigate your site. A perfect example is seen from the dominos website below.

The difference is staggering. You can see how easy the mobile website can be navigated when compared to the other site.

If these were competing websites, I know which one I would prefer to use and which one would make it easier for me to get in contact with the owner.

So more often than not, if someone comes to your site from a smartphone and  your site is not mobile ready, they will bounce pretty quickly to find a website that is. Don’t let this be your company.

At Premium Animations, we find that about 17% of our traffic comes from either a smartphone or tablet, so we want to make it easy for this 17% to get in contact with us. So we have been mobile and tablet ready for the last few months.

Some resources you can use to help make your site mobile ready for as little as $10 a month are below.

Thanks everyone and have a good week.






How to reduce your website’s bounce rate

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Before we start, It’s important to really understand what exactly a ‘bounce rate’ is.

Bouncy Balls!

In essence, your bounce rate is the percentage of new visitors who simply ‘bounce’ off your site without doing anything.

Google Analytics defines it as:

“The percentage of single page visits (ie. visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page)”

But why do I care?

Well, having a low bounce rate is really IMPORTANT! Its the first step in making sure your website is converting clicks into customers.

Imagine you own a physical shop with products inside. Having a high bounce rate is like having the majority of people who enter the store just take two steps, turn around and then immediately leave, without even looking at ANY PRODUCTS on your shelves!

Before we can start to improve our bounce rates though, we need to first understand what drives bounce rates.

A bounce rate is actually a measure of your TRAFFIC QUALITY and a high bounce rate is typically due to the fact that your landing pages (where customers land on their site) is not relevant to your visitors!

Think of it like reading a resume….if something doesn’t immediately stand out, poof! Game over.

So, how can we ensure are bounce rates are low and that our visitors are hanging around?

Well, here are just a few tips and tricks that you can easily implement today!

Traffic Quality

As I previously mentioned, traffic quality is the derivative of your bounce rate. This means that if we improve the ‘quality’ of trafic coming to your site, your bounce rate should also improve.

By ‘quality’ here we mean, are the majority of people who click through to your site potential customers (correct demographic, location etc.) or just random punters or kids who are surfing the net?

The simplest way to improving your traffic quality is looking at the keywords you are targeting for both you paid and organic search.

For example if I own a pineapple store (I love pineapples!), I’m much better off targeting keywords like ‘buy pineapple online’ or ‘pineapple store sydney’ rather than just ‘food store’ or ‘edible goods’!

So, write down a list of your current keyword targets and see if you are REALLY getting the type of people you want to your site!

Landing page design

Having good landing page designs is CRUCIAL to improving you bounce rates. There is a tonne of info out there on how to create great landing pages, but here are just a few things all good landing pages should have:

  • Strong large headline
  • Strong call to action above the fold
  • Benefit driven copywriting
  • Uncluttered, clear and concise
  • Content heavy writing at bottom not top
Immediately Obvious Message
While I’ve mentioned this above, this is REALLY IMPORTANT.

Users need to understand exactly what your value proposition is within the first second of landing on your site.

Guess what, if people don’t immediately ‘GET’ what you are all about….poof! Gone.

Think about it.

Your COMPETITION is just a click or two away. Why would people waste their time searching through your site to find something if they could just hit that dreaded back button of doom and find another site which spells it out CLEARLY!

Responsive website design

Did you know that about 10-20% of your visitors are viewing your site from a mobile or tablet device?

Example of Responsive Site Design

Yep, I can almost guarantee it. Check out your Google Analytics to see.

Most websites are only optimised for different browsers on laptops or PCs. This means that your website is looking pretty horrible if you view it on your mobile or tablet device.

A responsive website is one that adapts to the screen size the user is viewing it on. This means that it looks fantastic and is easy to navigate regadless of whether or not they are on a phone, ipad or laptop.

Call your developer now. It’s worth the small investment.

Website Animation/Video

Here’s the thing. If a customer clicks to your website and then your competitors who has a video which clearly explains the benefit of the product….which one will they choose?

An autoplay video on your homepage is great to improve your bounce rate because it GRABS YOUR USERS by the neck and ENGAGES them to listen.

Visitors love it because it is EASY. They can digest all the information they want without having read!

Don’t take our word for it though,,, and all the big players utilise video on their pages. Also see our customer testimonials to see how we have helped our clients out!

So whats an acceptable bounce rate?

Well, that all depends on what industry you are in. This little graphic should give you a good idea though!

Acceptable Bounce Rates- kiss Metrics


I hope this has helped you! Get cracking reeling in your bounce rate today!

Whats your bounce rate at?


Like what you see? Let’s get started »