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People Power: How to use social proof to boost your conversions

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It’s one of the most critical elements when closing sales.

When you meet someone face to face, it’s easy to establish trust. If you show up on time, shine your shoes and be a genuine person, you are pretty much there.

But how do you generate trust from users online?

You don’t get to meet them, you often don’t even get to speak to them. Within a few pages you are asking them for their personal details or even payment!

There is no doubt about it, it’s really hard.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to quickly generate trust.

Check out the image below.

Social Proof for McDonalds

After reading the McDonald’s sign, would you doubt that their hamburgers aren’t delicious?

Social Proof – It’s powerful.

Social proof is a great tool that you can use to gain instant trust with your users and potential customers.

Most people in the world are followers.

They think  “If that guy likes X, and that guy likes X, X must be really good.”

Digging deeper it actually comes back to our roots as cavemen. You follow social norms to ensure that you don’t get kicked out of the tribe. It’s natural and instinctive.

So, how can we use social proof to boost conversions on our site?

Simple, just show how all of your other customers love your product/service.

Here are just a few ways you can display this online:

1. Show the number of ‘Social Likes’ you have on Facebook/Twitter.

2. Show your own personal Linkedin Profiles or background about who you are and why you are an expert.

3. Display customer testimonials. Typically the more ‘socially proofed’ the customer is, the better the testimonial converts. Ie. If we had a testimonial from Steven Spielberg or Seth Godin on our site, we couldn’t get much better than that!

4. ‘Borrow’ social proof from other companies. Use identifiable logos on the site from  your customers/partner organisations or press you have received.

5. Display the number of people who love and already use your product! Check out the extent that 37 signals go to!

6. Show your company history or awards that you have won.

That’s about all for now…think about how you can incorporate this on more of your own site. Would you trust your company after landing on your homepage?

Social Proof for 37 Signals

Testimonials for 37 Signals

What is the first step in improving my conversion rate?

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Hi guys,

We often get asked here at Premium Animations ‘what is the first step I need to take in order to boost my conversion rate?’

Conversion rates are daunting and I know there is so much information out there about it that unless you have a specific action plan of what steps to take, you can feel as though you are drowning.

I know that was how I felt when I was first starting out.

So I thought I would offer some guidance as to the first step you can take to start the ball rolling.

The first step – You need to set up Google Analytics on your website.
This is a simple I know, but sometimes it’s often overlooked.

There is on old saying ‘if you want to manage it, you need to measure it’. So to be able to manage and improve your conversion rate, you need to first measure it.

You always need to figure out where you are, before you can figure out where you need to go (very deep I know ;-)).

So how can I set up google analytics?

It’s pretty easy. It can be done through Google Webmaster Tools.

To get started, simply go to Google Webmaster Tools and select Google Analytics, sign up and then embed the analytics code into the html of your site.

But be sure embed the Google Analytics code into the header of your site as you need to measure each page and how your visitors are interacting with each page.

How do I specifically measure my conversion rate?

This is a bit more tricky and requires setting up a goal in Google Analytics. Once you have signed up and are in Google Analytics, simply select ‘Goals’ on the left hand side and follow the instructions.

When deciding what your goal should be – simply ask yourself ‘what is the last page people see after they have tried to contact me?’ In most cases it would be the ‘thank you for contacting us’ page.

Then once you know the last page people will see, simply embed the ‘goal code’ into that page.

The result of all of this? You now have your first goal set up and can begin to measure:
1. The number of people that are coming to your site; and

2. The number of people that contact you.

And from this we have our conversion rate. For example if 100 people to the site and 2 people contact you, you have a conversion rate of 2%.

So before we can get into benefit driven headlines, A/B testing, iteration of copywriting – let’s start small and simply embed google analytics into your site – so we can begin to measure where we are.

The next step is the most fun and involves figuring out where we need to go (and the best way to get there).

Quote of the week
“There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning.”
– Christopher Morley

How do sales videos and web animations increase sales?

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Hi Guys,

I trust you have had a really productive week, like the team here at Premium Animations!

Today, I wanted to discuss how sales videos and website animations help increase sales for startups and small businesses. This is important because there are a number of different styles of web videos, each of which are used for alternate purposes.

In my last post, I discussed ‘Growth Hacking‘ and introduced the concept of the ‘Growth Hacking Funnel‘.  The growth hacking funnel looks something like this:

The Growth Hacking Funnel

Each step in the funnel is a ‘user state‘.  In order to optimise for growth we need increase conversions at every step in the funnel.

Now, obviously some business models are different, but this funnel is pretty applicable to both online and offline businesses. Here’s an example of each step in the funnel for two different businesses.

Growth Hacking Funnel Examples

How are website animations and sales videos related to this?

Well, website animations or product videos can actually be used to increase conversions at a number of different steps in this funnel. If you can increase conversions at any one of these stages, you will be making more sales!


Knowing which step in funnel the animation will be used for is very important because it defines the animation’s content and style. When you know the specific purpose for the animation, it can be tailored to ensure you get highest possible conversion rate.

Typically, website animations and sales videos are most widely used for the ACQUISITION, ACTIVATION and RETENTION steps in the funnel.

Here’s some of the most famous examples.

AQUISITION: To acquire new customers and get them to your site/store.

Dollar Shave Club: Created a hilarious web video that went viral, check it out here.

Old Spice: I’m sure everyone has seen this one…watch it again here.

ACTIVATION: To get the customer to register or start using your product/service.

Dropbox: One of the best of all time, perfectly explains their product. Here it is.

– A heap of Premium Animation Clients as well of course (PLUG!) : eRx, Naked Mort., Binked, Rates Direct…….and many more!

RETENTION: To bring the customer back or get them more engaged with your product.

Salesforce: Have a huge range of great explanational videos to get customers to learn about all the features of salesforce. Check some here.

Google: Always producing videos which help customers to learn extra product features to ensure they keep coming back!

So there you have it!

Before you go out and get a web animation made, make sure you think about what it is being used for.

Don’t worry though, at Premium Animations we analyse your entire business and make sure we tailor the animation for its specific purpose! We’ve created animations for all the steps in the funnel and know what works best…..

Chat soon guys!

Growth Hacking: Optimising for Growth

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Hi guys, it’s Adam here.

Today I wanted to share with you a presentation and class that I taught last night for General Assembly Sydney. General Assembly is a global network of campuses for technology, business and design and the Sydney arm is growing rapidly.


The majority of students who attended were small business and startup owners who wanted to learn more about ‘Growth Hacking’ and how they could optimise for growth in their business.

So, why was I asked to teach and what exactly is ‘Growth Hacking’?

Well, over the last few years I’ve had a fair amount of exposure to A/B testing, sales funnels and different user acquisition tools and techniques.

The word ‘Growth hacking’ was actually first coined by Shaun Ellis in a blog post in 2010 but later made popular by Andrew Chen this year in his article ‘Growth Hackers are the new VP of Marketing’. Alan Jones from The New Agency here in Sydney also describes what growth hacking is all about here and was kind enough to give me a mention.

I’ve attached the presentation below from the class, which should help you learn how to:

  • Create your own growth hacking funnel.
  • Run A/B Testing on your site
  • Create viral feedback loops
  • Help identify your best marketing channels
  •  Increase conversions

Please also note, this presentation has been from a combination of resources and examples were thanks to Matten Griffels deck here. Enjoy!

Growth Hacking Presentation– Adam Trouncer for GA Sydney

Above the fold is gold

Conversion Tips

Hi guys,

I hope business is going well and your site is turning into a great asset for your company.

In my last blog I gave you a little tip about how you can use adwords more effectively to get more people to your site.

In this blog  I will give you a little tip on how to get more of that traffic to make contact with your company.
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Boost Your Conversion Rate

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I hope your day is going well and your business is going from strength to strength.

In the last blog  I showed you the formula to website success. If you don’t remember, that’s cool it was:

Website Success = Traffic x Conversion

In this email I will show you a little tip on how to increase thetraffic to your site.
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