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What makes a good animated explainer video?

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An explainer video is undoubtedly a new effective marketing strategy to promote your company’s products or services. If you are thinking of creating one, the animated version may be your best bet, especially when you are trying to sell non-physical objects or services. Also, you may want to read the following paragraphs as they present all important details you might need to consider before you start making the video.

First of all, you need to decide the target of your audience. Once you have set the group, you need to know their age, income, location and gender in order to figure out what kinds of advertisements that suit them best.

Secondly, it is the script that needs focusing on. No matter who the audience is, the bottom line for a good script is that it has to be made based on what people want or need. To be able to explain your company and its products in a way that people desire and can understand, you can follow this simple guideline:
1. you describe the problem that people may be having
2. you propose the idea that the product or service you are marketing is the solution; at this stage, your product or service is introduced and the important details of either the product or service are presented.
3. finally, you provide a way for your viewers to get such a helpful product or service.
Remember, though, that an explainer video has to be concise. To be more specific, there should be only 150 words in one minute. More than that number of words means that your audience will not have enough time to absorb the message you are trying to convey.
If you find it difficult to promote your product briefly, it will be a good idea to hire a professional outside the company to help you define what is really important to be put in the video.

Thirdly, other than the words written and spoken throughout the video, another most significant factor is the content of the video. So as to grasp the audience’s attention and get them to remember your products or services for a relatively long time, the content must be something that your viewers can relate to. You can do this through songs, entertaining or memorable characters and events. Do not forget to make sure that both the visuals and audio of the video content are delivered in high quality. However, should you find producing such a video a challenging job, you can try using an animated explainer video software available on the Internet.

Last but not least, some choices of what people can do to buy your product or service should be provided. Whether it is through clicking on a subscribe button or signing up for free trial, the point of this last stage is to turn the video viewers into your customers.

The benefits of Animated Explainer Videos

Animated Video, Explainer Video, Video Marketing

What is an animated explainer video?
Explainer videos are short videos used to introduce a new idea and business concepts and provide answers to some of the most common questions about them. It can feature a highly diverse mix of creative elements, including typography, images, illustrations, voices or animations. These videos often introduce a product before it’s even ready to be released, being used as a way of generating interest and a customer base before it hits the market. They are intended to be concise and clear introductions to an idea, providing vital information for those it targets.

What are the benefits of animated explainer videos?
These video formats have a decided advantage over the textual explanations that have been so common up to this point. These videos function on the concept that a picture can convey far more information than words in a similar time frame. Research shows that the average internet viewers attention has to be captured in the first 8 seconds, or you’ve likely lost them. Explainer videos are designed to capture their interest and provide vital information in the shortest time frame possible.
Further, explainer videos are often used to transmit information about your video in other media, and can transmit that information in three vital ways. Videos are often more enticing to the viewer, and so will get the attention of your potential customer much faster than a wall of text. Second, there is very little opportunity for those showing your video to provide their own interpretation, making sure that the message you want to transmit is the one that gets portrayed. Third, by making it easy for reporters to talk about your company, it will increase the likelihood that they will use your video and get your information out there.

Why are animated explainer videos so important?
There are a lot of benefits to explainer videos that have been held up by the tracking data used to explain the efficacy of varying techniques. The most prominent and clear indicator is that they increase conversion rates by anywhere from 14 to 51%. Companies that have used this form of information exchange have seen increases on average of 19%, and they are particularly good at capturing the attention of smartphone users, who have been shown to research a product before doing so. Given that text is often hard to read on the smaller screens of todays devices, video bypasses this by providing them with a visually attractive presentation that grabs their ears and their eyes.
It doesn’t matter what form of business you run, companies such as Virgin America have utilized explainer videos to present such things as safety precautions used on their flights. Red Cross has used this to leverage their donation campaigns, emphasizing the importance of providing funding to the Red Cross over such things as Christmas gifts that are only a fleeting improvement.

Explainer videos take place of all the most recent innovations in marketing technology to grab hold of the interest of users and get your companies information out there. The days of text based provided information are on their way out, users want a way to see what and who it is they are purchasing from, rather than relying on the cold wall of text to drive their purchases. When you want to get noticed, and you want to stay on the bleeding edge of marketing, you want to take the time to create an effective explainer video and let the world see and hear what you have to offer!

What type of companies can benefit from animations?

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 PA had a potential client call our company this week and we had to turn the project away as his company just wasn’t ready.

So straight off the bat – getting a video to put on your website isn’t for everyone.

If you are not driving traffic to your site or at least have a strategy for getting people to your site, an animation is just not for you.

In broad terms, to have a successful website, you need to first follow the formula of website success which is traffic x conversion = website glory.

Just focusing on getting traffic, or just focusing on conversion will lead you to get ok results, but you will never blow away your competition. You need to focus on both elements to really get to a high level.

So who exactly can a video help out?

Video can really make a difference when you are already driving traffic (or plan on driving traffic) to your site.

Once you are driving traffic, video then becomes a really powerful a tool and bit of a no brainer as video has shown time and time again that it can boost conversion rates, sometimes by number up to 197%.

So the impact can be huge and the ROI is awesome.

But if you are still in start-up mode or only getting 10 clicks a day, first figure out the best way to get traffic, then worry about what you will do with the traffic once you get it.

How do sales videos and web animations increase sales?

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Hi Guys,

I trust you have had a really productive week, like the team here at Premium Animations!

Today, I wanted to discuss how sales videos and website animations help increase sales for startups and small businesses. This is important because there are a number of different styles of web videos, each of which are used for alternate purposes.

In my last post, I discussed ‘Growth Hacking‘ and introduced the concept of the ‘Growth Hacking Funnel‘.  The growth hacking funnel looks something like this:

The Growth Hacking Funnel

Each step in the funnel is a ‘user state‘.  In order to optimise for growth we need increase conversions at every step in the funnel.

Now, obviously some business models are different, but this funnel is pretty applicable to both online and offline businesses. Here’s an example of each step in the funnel for two different businesses.

Growth Hacking Funnel Examples

How are website animations and sales videos related to this?

Well, website animations or product videos can actually be used to increase conversions at a number of different steps in this funnel. If you can increase conversions at any one of these stages, you will be making more sales!


Knowing which step in funnel the animation will be used for is very important because it defines the animation’s content and style. When you know the specific purpose for the animation, it can be tailored to ensure you get highest possible conversion rate.

Typically, website animations and sales videos are most widely used for the ACQUISITION, ACTIVATION and RETENTION steps in the funnel.

Here’s some of the most famous examples.

AQUISITION: To acquire new customers and get them to your site/store.

Dollar Shave Club: Created a hilarious web video that went viral, check it out here.

Old Spice: I’m sure everyone has seen this one…watch it again here.

ACTIVATION: To get the customer to register or start using your product/service.

Dropbox: One of the best of all time, perfectly explains their product. Here it is.

– A heap of Premium Animation Clients as well of course (PLUG!) : eRx, Naked Mort., Binked, Rates Direct…….and many more!

RETENTION: To bring the customer back or get them more engaged with your product.

Salesforce: Have a huge range of great explanational videos to get customers to learn about all the features of salesforce. Check some here.

Google: Always producing videos which help customers to learn extra product features to ensure they keep coming back!

So there you have it!

Before you go out and get a web animation made, make sure you think about what it is being used for.

Don’t worry though, at Premium Animations we analyse your entire business and make sure we tailor the animation for its specific purpose! We’ve created animations for all the steps in the funnel and know what works best…..

Chat soon guys!

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