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3 Great Animated Explainer Video Examples and Why


Among lots and lots explainer videos on the Internet, there are these three videos which can be used as the examples of great animated videos.

How can the following videos be considered great? The answer is due to the fact that:

– the content of the videos relates to people’s general experiences

– they illustrate problems and give solutions

– they offer simple steps that need to be taken by people interested in their products/services.

First, there is this explainer video from

This video presents a character who works in a company and seems to be struggling with his job duties as a marketing manager. It can be understood that as the one in charge of marketing, there are lots of things he needs to do, such as maintaining the traffic of the company website, making sure that questions asked by customers visiting the website are answered, and also promoting the company through social media. While thinking about the solution for his problems, he finds out that there is, a website that can assist him maximize the website search to respond to his customers’ inquiries, create an effective SEO strategy that enables future customers to find the company website more easily, and answer questions via e-mails, Twitter and Facebook. At the end of the video, viewers are encouraged to sign up to get that magic help in case they experience such similar problems.

The second great video is the one promoting dropbox, a program which enables people to back up, access and share their data anywhere.

This video uses a simple, daily life story as an analogy to effectively describe the problem and explain how dropbox works as well as the benefits people can get by simply downloading and using the program.

In the third place is the video by ZenCash.

ZenCash Explainer Video from Demo Duck on Vimeo.

Although there are only lines of sentences and phrases, and simple drawing in the video, it efficiently depicts a problem that companies, especially the small ones, generally experience when dealing with customers’ late payment. And that is why ZenCash has come to the rescue by providing services to remind your companies’ customers about their invoices. Should a viewer be interested in that kind of services, s/he needs only to join ZenCash.

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